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Doctor Doug

Doctor Doug is Cayman’s newest resident radio Doctor. He is on afternoons from 2-7pm and is the program director for Cayman’s country station Rooster 101.

Originally born and raised in the San Francisco bay area he has been on air in Salt Lake City, San Diego and Portland Oregon. He is new to the island and wants to meet as many people as possible and shake hands with everyone in Cayman eventually. He is a big baseball (Oakland A’s ) fan and American football fan (Oakland Raiders) and he is eager to see as much of this island paradise as

When it comes to country music , Doctor Doug loves it all and plays it all. Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, George Strait, Garth Brooks and the biggest stars right now in Nashville…Miranda Lambert, Toby Keith, Chris Stapleton and Blake Shelton. Let him know your favorite artists and songs you’d like to hear on Rooster.

You can contact Doctor Doug at DougDodds@HurleysMedia.ky

Thanks for keeping it country in Cayman and for listening to Rooster 101!


  1. whats up doctor dough i didnt know you left the bull man its ron we texted alot every mourning.good luck i have your station here on my computer live now drop a text or line

  2. Dr. Doug we miss you here in Santa Rosa, it’s nice to be able to hear you online though. Hope all is well with you, see you next time you visit home!!!


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